"Just Us" Portrait Sessions

Take time off from your busy schedules and life itself to spend quality time with each other, make some exquisite portraits that capture the essence of your love.

What to expect from the session? Lots of cuddling, lots of hugs and kisses. Some quiet time to breathe and truly feel the love.

Write to us, let's create a cosy mood-board, let's lock a date and make some beautiful memories over pizza, wine or chai & coffee! :)

Alternately, if you do not receive a response from us within the first 48hrs of sending this over, we're probably at shoot, request you to ping us on WhatsApp at +91 865-743-9626 for an expedited response!

We'd love to share gallery links of our complete & most recent works with you via WhatsApp or iMessage :)

Your private residence, a farm house, a hotel room, your favourite bar or coffee shop?

Do share a little about yourself, if you can :)

Hand on heart, why do you want to make these photographs? :)

Yeh bata do abhi! We'll soon proceed to "favourite cocktails, favourite place to hangout, favourite TV show" hehe!

The dd/mm/yyyy helps us quickly check our calendars and confirm our availability :)