Investment & FAQs

We believe wedding photography is for life. The memories we create with you and for you are for posterity. The photographs that become your phone wallpaper to the photographs to adorn the walls of your home they're all memories. They're all important. And we strive to bring back to you every small-big moment from this very special day with your loved ones.


What are your charges?

We customize packages for all our client families; based on the number of hours of shooting and number of people shooting. To maintain the quality of our work, we take up limited weddings per "wedding season," and we do not "double book" our one and the only core team is who you will meet at every wedding we photograph. By getting to know the bride & groom and the parents before the shoot, we understand their expectations and approach their wedding memories. This ensures a seamless and stress-free wedding day for your family :)

When will we get our photos?

Within 3-7 days after the last day of the shoot, you will receive the “first look” of the wedding celebrations, 35-50 edited photographs, in the exclusive password-protected gallery.

Within 8-20 weeks (depending on the duration of your events), all edited, final photographs will be uploaded in this Exclusive Password- Protected Gallery. These photographs would be Web Versions, carrying our watermark. You can download the photos and share them with your family and friends via WhatsApp, change DPs, upload on Instagram, etc. This Exclusive Password-Protected Gallery can also be viewed on your TV. The photographs are usually uploaded in sets (Mehndi Set 1, Wedding Set 2, etc.) as we go about editing the photos.

We also share the High Resolution versions of the final edits via an online drive.

How many pictures will we receive?

From an 8 hours wedding shoot, you will receive between 1000 to 1300 edited photographs. We select not only significant photos to tell your story but also ensure comprehensive documentation of the entire event as well as friends & family in attendance. Most of the times, we over deliver!

How do you photograph weddings?

Our team loves families. We go about the wedding day, ensuring everyone you have invited is heavily photographed. The photographers shoot candid moments and go around the room requesting group shots with your loved ones. Getting as many pictures with your loved ones as we possibly can is our primary goal on this day. Making your individual portraits and couple portraits is another essential aspect of your wedding day. Ensuring you get the portraits that you have envisioned with us is something we strive for.

Do you also offer videos?

We offer two styles of videos:

Traditional Videography - which documents the entire event, the wedding rituals, guests in attendance in its entirety. This video offers comprehensive coverage of the entire event that you and your loved ones could revisit years later. This video is for posterity.

Wedding Films aka Cinematic Wedding Videos - gorgeous videos that capture your emotions, celebrate the hidden smiles, the secret tears, the glances, the prayers... We also conduct conversations on camera that enable us to form a narrative and tell your story better :)

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