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Hello! And many congratulations for your wedding :)

We thank you for reaching out to us and considering us to document a milestone event in your life. We look forward to celebrating with you and your loved ones. We offer photography (in all styles - candid, documentary, family & couple portraits, decor & detailing), traditional videography (documentary style but elegant) and wedding films (aka cinematic videos.)

Do help us with a few details that would help us get back to you with a proposal with deliverables & quotes.

Alternately, if you do not receive a response from us within the first 48hrs of sending this over, we're probably at shoot and request you to ping us on WhatsApp at +91 865-743-9626 for an expedited response!

We'd love to share gallery links of our complete & most recent works with you via WhatsApp or iMessage :)

The dd/mm/yyyy helps us quickly check our calendars and confirm our availability for your special day :)

Locked or tentative venues and the city your event would take place in would be helpful!

We're the quaint, intimate weddings kinda people! This nugget of info will help us propose a team size for you!

Do share a little about yourself and why you'd like to have us at your wedding :)

Our charges begin at Rs. 150,000 for Photography for a wedding day's shoot and Rs. 150,000 for Wedding Films for a wedding day’s shoot. This is with a full team. Your response here would help us customise a proposal for you based on your needs :)

Yeh bata do abhi! We'll soon proceed to "favourite cocktails, favourite place to hangout, favourite TV show" hehe!

We need to thank the lovely folks who recommended us to you :)