My name is Stuti and we are your wedding photographers! :) I started photographing weddings way back in 2012 and it's been a wonderful ten years now with so many happy memories with so many happy families :) And this isn't a one-man army! Our primary team of photographers and videographers has been shooting together for the past 5yrs now!

We are a team of soft-hearted individuals, we know how you feel :) Whether you are the father of the bride reading this or the sister or our princess bride herself - we know what you are going through - so much happiness and a tinge of heartache. And we know how to photograph you and your loved ones in the midst of all your emotions. With each photograph you see, our goal is to have you feel what you felt that very moment - for years to come. All the fun you had, the dances you danced and waves of laughter you laughed at, the tears you cried, and the hugs you gave and received. Photographing a wedding is like photographing nothing else: empathy, an eye for detail, and a heart for emotion :)


But that's not all. Cozy, happy pictures with your loved ones (more commonly known as "group shots"), posed Family Portraits (these are for the walls), elegant Couple Portraits, portraits of the Bride & Groom before every event. Along with documenting décor and carefully crafted details and complete coverage of customs and rituals.

Aap convince ho gaye ya main aur bataau? :D

Yes, the comedy comes with!

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