Photographing a wedding is like photographing nothing else. Empathy, an eye for detail and a heart for emotion.

As a team of soft-hearted individuals, we know how you feel - whether you are the father of the bride reading this or the sister or our princess bride herself - we know what you are going through - so much happiness and a tinge of heartache. And we know how to photograph you and your loved ones in the midst of all your emotions. Our goal, with each photograph you see, is to have you feel what you felt that very moment. All the fun you had, all the dances you danced and laughters you laughed, the tears you cried and the hugs you gave and received.


But that's not all. Cosy, happy pictures with your loved ones (more commonly known as "group shots"), posed Family Portraits (these are for the walls), elegant Couple Portraits, portraits of the Bride & Groom before every event. Along with documenting decor and carefully crafted details. Not to forget complete coverage of customs and rituals, to appease them Gods!

Meet The Team

Harshad Ramteke

Senior photojournalist and fashion photographer has been an integral part of The Cheesecake Project team from its early days. His experience of over 20yrs in the industry makes him the ideal mentor to the team and easily one of the best people to have photographing a wedding. Calm and patient - the ever smiling Harshad (fondly known as "Dada" by the team and client families alike) will stop at nothing to create the dreamiest pictures for you to cherish. 

Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta

Founder, The Cheesecake Project.

Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta is a self-trained photographer who loves creating memories for couples and families at weddings. Her style of photography is very personal and she is a bridesmaid with a camera to all her brides. Formerly, an advertising and television professional, she has been at the helm of

The Cheesecake Project for 8yrs now.

Shaurabh Agrawal

Leading the Post-Production team for over two years now, Shaurabh is often known as the Groom's best friend at a wedding! A self-taught photographer, Shaurabh not only makes wonderful photographs at wedding events but also runs the Post-Production department. Fresh ideas and experimental shots are his strong points! You'd love the kooky ideas he comes up with while making your couple portraits!

Venance Castelino

Film Dept. Head & Chief Cinematographer

Harkiran Singh Bhasin

Film Dept. Head & Chief Cinematographer

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