Nupur & Sushrut

Nupur and Sushrut are an adorable couple! That’s something you can know the moment you see them together. They’re not those overtly sweet lovey-dovey kinds but theirs is a solid friendship turning into partnership kinda love! They smile – she smiles, he smiles, they’re affectionate and warm, much like their families (we’ve had a blast! More pictures soon!) And the warmth and the happiness is just infectious! I probably shouldn’t use that word since they’re both doctors but man, they’re the coolest doctors I’ve met and photographed! Having spent more time with Nupur through her Mehndi, Sangeet and the Wedding, I can say this much that the girl has a heart of gold (you’re amazing too, Sushrut!) She made sure she gave me ample time, as requested, during those beautiful light hours of the day. We shot with beautiful sunlight on all three days and I am so grateful to them for being the only couple who let me make Couple Portraits of them BEFORE the wedding! 30mins dedicated to peace and quiet and some photographs 🙂 I am forever indebted to you two for choosing us to document your special days.

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