Mriganayani & Nikhilesh

Mriganayani got in touch with us a couple of months ago and even then she had a very clear idea about the kind of shoot she wanted. Together with Sachi Kaur of Fashion Fluent, she designed a theme and looks that she knew she wanted. What we thought would be a lovey-dovey shoot turned out to be our absolute dream come true for Harshad and myself. What an amazing, stylish couple this was! Given Harshad’s fashion background and my ever excitement to photograph couples in a timeless manner, this was a perfect blend of love and the couple’s personal style. We are so grateful to Mrig and Nik for playing along and doing all sorts of things we asked them to, to make our pictures. We had a great time and wish them all the very best for their wedding later this year.


Shot by Harshad Ramteke and Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta.

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