About Us

The Cheesecake Project is the brain child of Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta. Self trained, the artist loves creating memories of couples and families during their wedding events in a photo-journalist way, for the past 4 years. Her style of photography is very personal and is a bridesmaid with a camera to all her brides.

Apart from photographing colourful Mehndi ceremonies and dramatic Sangeet events with her senior creative team, she also makes ‘behind the scene’ portraits where the bride, groom and families are getting ready for their big day, with her elegant beauty shots.

This ex Marketing and TV Professional makes sure all her couples get comfortable with not only the camera but also the team before the wedding by indulging in a Couple Portrait Session. Once the ice is broken and the awkwardness is out of the window, it’s all about creating timeless photographs together. This way, on the day of the wedding, the team walks in knowing exactly how the couple is feeling, what they like, what irks them, and what makes them smile and blush.

You meet them as clients but they photograph your wedding as friends. The Cheesecake Project shoots with love and transforms photographs into heirlooms of love that you cherish forever.

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